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Personal Protection

Clients who are considering taking out or reviewing their personal protection policies. It can also be used to open up valuable protection conversations with new prospects, creating interest and clear next steps to getting cover in place.

The Personal Protection box set helps viewers understand the risk to themselves and their loved ones if they were unable to work, or provide care to dependents, due to illness, injury or death. Taking just 10 minutes to watch, the box set looks at life insurance, critical illness insurance and income protection. It highlights the huge benefits each can provide at a time of need.

Personal Protection Information Video

Pension Freedoms

The pension freedoms gives viewers impartial education about all their pension freedoms options. It begins with a brief summary followed by more detailed information on drawdown, annuity, lump sum, take it all and leave it. The penultimate video looks at how tax is applied to pension withdrawals and the final video covers pension scams.

As well as core learning the viewer has the option to select and watch more detailed videos about drawdown and annuity as well as how debt and means tested state benefits might influence their decisions about taking money from their pot. Viewers can also choose to watch case studies on the different options to help bring them to life.

Pension Freedoms Information Video

Lasting power of attorney

In under ten minutes this box set gently introduces people to this sensitive topic, helping viewers understand the benefits of a Power of Attorney as well as things they need to think about when drawing one up.

Because the rules regarding Lasting Power Of Attorneys vary in the different countries in the UK this box set allows the viewer to select their UK country of residence so that they receive the most relevant information.

Power of Attorney Information Video

Understanding long term care

Before an adviser looks at the options of paying for care it’s important that clients understand how the care system works. This box set provides invaluable information to people new to the care system, giving them a more detailed understanding of the different ways care can be funded and paid for, assessment processes, and the different parties involved.

Long Term Care Information Video

Drawdown review

The box set is perfect for sending to clients ahead of a drawdown review meeting. It reminds them what drawdown is and what they need to think about in order to get the maximum value from the review meeting with you.

The box set can also be used to attract new clients, for example, those in non-advised drawdown. Drawdown Review showcases the value of financial advice and the benefits of having a drawdown plan reviewed regularly.

Drawdown review Information Video

Flexible Income

This box set is for anyone approaching retirement who is considering drawdown as a way of taking some or all of their pension benefits.

This box set comprises 9 short chapters and covers important topics including flexibility, risk, death, dependents and tax. The box set showcases many of the areas an adviser can add value to a client considering drawdown to support their standard of living in retirement.

Flexible Income Information Video

Guaranteed Income

Any client who is considering purchasing a guaranteed income.

The box set covers topics including inflation, joint life, guarantees and health and lifestyle. It concludes with a case study to cement the clients learning and understanding. It’s ideal for prepping clients ahead of a meeting.

Guaranteed Income Information Video

Final salary

Deferred members of final salary pension schemes who are considering transferring their pension.

The box set examines topics including risk, tax, dependents, flexibility and death, as well as the different options people have at retirement. The information is generic and does not take the individual’s circumstances or scheme specifics into account and is widely used by pension transfer specialists to help them meet the FCA’s triage requirements. It is also used by pension schemes for member education.

Final Salary Information Video

Equity Release

Clients and prospects who would like to find out more about releasing equity from their home.

The box set covers important topics including the amounts you can typically raise, eligibility, the advice process, and potential impacts on means tested benefit. It also looks at how Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion schemes work in practice.

This interactive box set talks about some of the alternatives people might consider as well as some of the ongoing implications of equity release once it has been taken out.

Equity Release Information Video

Protect yourself from scams

Protect Yourself From Scams box set educates viewers about the ever increasing threat of scams and how they can reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Comprising just two short chapters the box set concludes with a link to Scamsmart and a PDF summarising the videos that viewers can download and keep with their financial documentation.

The box set is ideal for sending to people to help them become aware of the growing scourge of investment and pension scams. You can include a web form on your website too so visitors can register directly to view themselves. Web forms can work particularly well when used in conjunction with a social media campaign or to bring a Newsletter article to life.

Scams Information Video

State Pension

Every adult in the UK, in particular people aged 45+, who need to get a fuller understanding about the role the State Pension plays in their retirement income planning.

The first chapter, which takes less than 10 minutes to view, includes important facts such as State Pension age, how the benefit is calculated, and very useful information about patching up your National Insurance record if there are gaps. The second video, which the viewer has the option to watch or skip, includes more detailed information on the State Pension pre simplification in 2016.

The box set also includes links to two really useful government web resources. The first enables viewers to get a State Pension forecast, invaluable information for retirement planning. The second allows viewers to examine their National Insurance record and identify any gaps.

State Pension Information Video

Business Protection

Business owners & directors who may have a need for key person, shareholder of partnership protection. Professional connections, including lawyers and accountants, who can open doors to these advice opportunities.

Business Protection insurance is something all businesses should be aware of and consider. We produced this box set to make it easier for advisers to communicate the risks businesses face and the solutions they can offer.

This box set helps company owners and partners understand the risk to their business in circumstances where the owners or key employees are unable to work due to a critical illness or death. The box set looks at key person protection and shareholder/partnership protection and how good financial planning and insurance can make a big difference to a firm at a time of need.

Business Protection Information Video


This box set is for anyone who has not set up a will or to remind people with a will of the importance of keeping it up to date.

Taking just 11 minutes to view, this box set will help your clients understand the importance of making and reviewing a will. It also prompts them to think about important things they’ll need to consider when drawing one up. The box set summarises the advantages of having a will and looks at the rules of intestacy too. It signposts a useful government website about the rules of intestacy where viewers can find out how the rules would apply to their own circumstances.

Wills Information Video
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