History shows us that leaving your cash in the bank or building society will end up with that money being worth less, in real terms, even after just a few years. This is due to the effect of inflation (we’ve all noticed how the price of things, even everyday items like bread and milk, become more expensive every year). History also shows us that appropriate investment is the way to protect the spending power of that money over the medium to long term.

However, having the right amount of cash is crucial to sound financial planning. Having readily available money for unexpected emergencies and some for that planned holiday or new bathroom is essential before anyone should consider investing for the medium to long term.

You should not invest cash if you know that it will be required in the short term. Get the best interest rate from the bank or building society.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and this is another area requiring careful and bespoke planning.

After we’ve made sure that you have enough cash for an emergency fund and plan to spend, we will discuss and calculate your ‘Attitude to Risk’ (comfort with investment) and, importantly, investment preferences that you may have. Suppose you want to target investments that avoid fossil fuels, for example, or make an active, positive contribution to society. In that case, we can create an investment strategy that considers this.

Tax efficiency? There are fewer ways to be tax efficient these days, so maximising the available ones is crucial to sound financial planning. ISA? Life Assured Investment Bond? Collective Investment Account? General Investment Account? Many investment options are available, but not all of them may suit you.

Whatever your personal goals or investment preferences are, you can trust that working with us will enable you to build an investment solution that’s ideal for you.

The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment.
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